Run Bedford 2020

Run Bedford 2020

Run the time of your life!

Location & Information

2019 Race Info Pack is available now. Please read and digest for your safety and information.

Link to Race Info Pack

Race Info Pack 2019

Where Can I Park?

You can park your car at Aspects Leisure Park, Newnham Ave, Bedford MK41 9LW. When you arrive, you will see signs pointing this out. It’s only a few minutes walk from Race HQ and is free to park.

Saturday Registration/Number Pick-Up

This will be at Russell Park (Race HQ) from 2-3:30pm. Please make the effort as it will save you queuing on Sunday morning. Arrive Sunday with your number and chill… 🙂

Registration/Number Pick-Up on Race Day

This will be at Race HQ from 7-8:15am.

Entry on Race Day

Entry may be available on the day but not guaranteed. We only accept CASH. Paper entry is £25/£23. We won’t be answering emails after Friday so don’t ask if there are spaces still… We will go to 1200 this year – there are 200 spaces as from Monday pm but these are going very fast. Don’t be disappointed.

Road Closure Information for residents/drivers

Whilst we do all we can to minimise the impact of closing major roads around the town – we understand it doesn’t make life easy for Bedford’s people. Certain areas are affected more because of the route and we ask people to please be patient and plan ahead. The race lasts a maximum of 1hr 40mins and many roads are closed for much shorter periods than this as we operate a rolling road closure system – opening sections as runners are clear.

For detailed information on timings please see this file:

Road Closure Info 2019

Road Closure Info 2019

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